Sunday, 18 August 2013

Song for Sunday #1 Phoenix- Fall Out Boy

Well I think I'm going to make this a weekly thing on the blog. Song for Sunday is my favourite song of the week or just a song which has been in my head for what ever reason and this week it's Phoenix by Fall Out Boy.

Fall Out Boy are one of my favourite bands and there music just has to be played loudly, no bad thing in my opinion! The reason I've chosen Phoenix as my "Song for Sunday" is because recently we went away on holiday to the south of France (it was Amazing!) and for the car journeys we all made a CD of some of our favourite tunes. Phoenix was track 2 on my CD and every time it started I would think "What the hell is this?!".... then... "Oh... I know now" to say the least I'm not great at recognising songs but this will always remind me of driving down twisty roads in the Pyrénées.

I would recommend their album Save Rock and Roll as I think it's amazing, but I might be a little bias as I'm a big fan...

What's your "Song for Sunday"?

-alex x


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  2. Great idea and I really like this song!
    My song for sunday must be Katy Perrys Roar - so catchy!

    Christina xx

    1. Thanks :) I really like that song, definietly my favourite of her's! xx