Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Favourites

Oh god.. it's September... That means three things for me, firstly that summer is over (*cries into keyboard*), because hot weather never lasts any longer than it absolutely has to in England... But also that school starts again... and these are all thoughts which frankly do not make me a very happy person... But you know what else it means, oh yes, Monthly Favourites time!

So my monthly favourites are going to be made up of not all beauty related products just things that I've been loving throughout the past month.

1. Garnier BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin- I mentioned in this post that I had rediscovered my love for this BB cream after a short spell away, and I am loving it. The finish is so natural and it feels lovely on your skin, not caky or heavy but you can still build the coverage which is great. My only complaint would be, for goodness sake garnier sort out the tube! Due to the consistency of the BB cream being so thin it just runs straight out the tube and fills up the lid runs down the sides, generally makes a mess, so unless you can somehow balance this thing upright, gravity spills a shed load of the product out into the lid... 

2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer- Now before you go "We've heard it all before!!" I know, I know, every beauty blogger there cat, dog and mothers husband has raved about this concealer but I do need to mention it as our relationship has hit the rocks somewhat in the past but I think we're back on track now. 
At first I loved this and used it everyday whilst away on holiday, the coverage is great, it blends in easily, its not too caky, it was great. But when we got back I began to realise that I was getting more blemishes etc.. in the areas where I was using the concealer than in the first place, so it had to stop... and sure enough once I had stopped using the concealer my skin began to clear up and feel so much better. 
But I hadn't totally given up on this concealer just yet, oh no, I've started using it under my eyes to cover my zombie like dark circles and guess what? It works a treat! I am loving this, you do have to be careful for creasing but if you don't slap a whole load in one go, then it works like a dream! So yes, overall I have been loving this product in August!

3. Collection Angelic Eye Palette- Well this is something I received as a gift many months ago but always just cast it of as full of unusable bright colours and only ever touched the two browns but as my make-up knowledge and interest has grown I've really loved using these colours to create some more interesting looks! At the moment I am really loving blending the grey, pink, purple and blue into a dulled and shimmery look.

4. Blogging again! -It has been so lovely to begin blogging again, I've enjoyed it more than I thought I would and I've enjoyed the freedom of writing such a loosely themed blog (my last blog was a baking blog) but also just how lovely all the other bloggers are. I think last time I was too busy stressing over, baking, photographing and posting (baking bloggers work damn hard so appreciate their work!) to realise what a friendly community bloggers are! So, I'm loving being back on the blogging train!

What are your August favourites?

-alex x


  1. -gross sobbing because I've yet to get my hands on the Collection 2000 concealer-

    I totally agree with the baking blog sentiment! It's so incredibly difficult to make baked goods aesthetically pleasing, and the price of ingredients and cookware can also be quite expensive! Also, takes loads of time and effort, and you end up gaining weight because you end up eating a large majority of the baked goods because everyone else is too finicky about their weight or is that just me ._.
    ANYWAYS, great post!
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things


      And yes, its great at first, but juggling school work and baking is quite difficult and the whole "what to do with the food" is a big issue because family appreciate the first few but after that things start to stack up.. and no its not just you being a baking blogger is not so good for you physique...


      -alex x