Sunday, 8 September 2013

Song for Sunday #4 Days Are Forgotten -Kasabian

So this weeks Song for Sunday is Days Are Forgotten by Kasabian.

The band holds some strong memories for me, as they were the first band I ever saw live (they were incredible!!) and a few years back me, my sister and my Mum went on a little adventure holiday together for a weekend or so and the whole time we were there we played the new album. So now whenever I hear any of their songs I think of that weekend.

Days Are Forgotten is one of my favourite songs of their's so I thought I'd select it to share with you, but they have so many great songs!

-alex x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bargain Haul

Well recently I discovered something wonderful, and wonderfully cheap too. Make up from Poundland! Now don't scoff and tell me it'll be cheap crap, it's not their own make up it's high street brands only sold in Poundland. I think it must be end of rail items or re-branded products. So you can find things that would ordinarily be sold for much more at only a pound: bargain!

I've been looking for a grey nail varnish for quite some time now, I'm lusting after the matte shade from Topshop, so when I spotted Sally Hansen Wet Cement for just a pound I just simply had to buy it, I needed to buy it. It isn't matte, but I hadn't expected it to be. But to make things even better, after a little research I've realised that it was sold at around £7 so that means I've saved like £6!!

I found a Rimmel Eye Crayon in 700 flaunt so bagged that also. But was slightly disappointed with the actual shade as I found it much more orange than the packaging suggests. I don't really know if I will use it, as orange eye shadows tend to wash me out and look like one of the walking dead; generally not a look I go for...

Whilst shopping I also picked up one of the Maybelline Baby Lips in shade Peach Kiss. It is wonderful, lovely and moisturising, and my god, it smells so good I could eat it! But bullet does show it to be slightly tinted and I didn't find it showed up aside from a slight shimmer which was a shame but it's a good balm so I'm loving it.

I also bought a couple of items from the MUA stall as there products are normally OK and they are such bargains that you can afford to risk it. I bought another grey nail varnish (before I went  into Poundland) called Koala. But after testing I've discovered that it is ridiculously watery and in order to get a decent colour you'd be there for days painting coats, so I don't think I'll be getting any more of their nail varnishes but it was worth a try. I also got a matte brown eye shadow because I only have shimmery ones and decided I needed to expand my neutrals range (OK, I admit it was a spur of the moment purchase...).

So get your purse down to Poundland and check out their make up because you've got to love a bit of cheap!

-alex x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Song for Sunday #3 Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

So this weeks Song for Sunday is Of Monsters and Men's Little Talks. I love this song and I think it's a nice warm and cosy song, but the video is a little creepy... But anyway, have a listen and see what you think.

In other news, its September! When did that cheeky thing creep up on us! I am So not ready for Autumn and school... urg. (that describes my mood and the current weather just perfectly).

What's your Song for Sunday?

-alex x