Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Topshop Macaroon Lipstick

I've decided i have an unhealthy addiction to lip products, mainly lipsticks... I popped out for a little shopping trip with my dear friend and well, I returned with two new lipsticks and one of the Rimmel Apocalips in the shade Apocaliptic the jury's still out on that as I can decide if I love or hate it... Probably the latter... I digress.

One of the lipsticks I bought was the topshop lipstick in macaroon.

Macaroon is a beautiful coral, peach pink shade perfect for everyday where. In my opinion it looks similar to the YSL Peach Passion lipstick that Zoella wears in her everyday make up routine video, I think its a little brighter but near enough. That's just my idea, as I don't own that YSL lipstick, dammit, I cant be sure.

So for packaging. Topshop hit the nail on the head for this every time. I am such a sucker for beautiful things and all of the topshop make up is presented so beautifully I want to buy it all simply to look at it and its BEAUTIFUL-NESS... I'll stop now, I'm sounding like a crazy woman. But anyway, I give ten out of ten for packaging as the swatch on the bottom is an accurate representation of the colour and it looks stunning; not cheap or overdone.

Now for the product, it applies nicely straight to the lips, I do find it can accentuate any lines in your lips slightly so make sure your lips are well moisturised before applying this as it has a matte/velvet finish. The lipstick is well pigmented giving good colour pay off and I would say its fairly long lasting, touch ups throughout the day are needed but most lipsticks are the same. Overall thumbs up for this lipstick I would give it a 9/10!

I wear this lipstick everyday as part of a natural makeup routine and love it! With a bit of gloss over the top its the perfect everyday lip, i think this will be perfect for summer but for now I'm happy wearing it in winter!

I am loving this lipstick and cant recommend the topshop make up line enough, I need to try some of their other shades but in the mean time this is fast becoming my favourite lipstick! Get your self down there and give it a go.

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  1. I absolutely love that color- it's gorgeous. Great post! xx